Welcome to Niels Christensen´s Art-Gallery. 

I am a painter with a passion for recycling. That´s why I find my motifs at the junk-yard.

I was born in Aalborg, Denmark, 1939. Educated as a Lithographer and worked 37 years in advertising. 

Started painting at the age of 69. After having worked a few years in Environmental technics, I am passionated about recycling as I see the necessity of leaving a sustainable society to our children and grandchildren. Hopefully my paintings will help people to change their minds about recycling garbage and junk.

Today I am a member of SAG (Scanian Art Group).,, Helsingborgs konstförening and BUS (bild upphovsrätt i Sverige).

For more information regarding my paintings and prices please contact me at : niels.c@live.co.uk